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If you are thinking of calling it quits in your relationship you might be acting too quickly. Here are some ways to save your relationship that you might not have considered before or contact Dr Masoud for help to SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP

When the flames seem to have gone out in your relationship, all may not be lost as there are SPELLS that you  may try to get it back to where it once was.

Is it worth it?—What to think about before tying to save your relationship

Before you start to think of how to repair your relationship you might want to first decide if it is worth saving.

Is your relationship worth saving?

Some of the first signs of trouble in a relationship are:

1. Arguments over simple things

To sustain a relationship for life, couples need to learn how to communicate with each other in a loving, supportive and easy-going way. If it always seems to be a battle about who wins the argument, both will end up losing when the relationship falls apart.

2. Lack of desire for intimacy

The amount of sex that a couple has will generally decrease over time, but if the sexual attraction, respect and love are deepened, the couple will still want to be intimate. Even if sex only happens once a week, the couple still feels good about it and wants to do it. Outside of sex, the couple will enjoy hugging, giving each other a kiss or lovingly looking into one another’s eyes for a second or two. But if you facing this kind of problem please consider to contact Dr Masoud to Save your relationship.

3. Insecurity and lack of trust

You can never really trust another human being to be totally loyal and honest with you, but you just have to.

If you can’t give a Man/ woman your full trust to be loyal and respect your love and feelings, you will never have a true love connection with him/her. Love feels dangerous and risky, but really, it’s not that scary at all. You can never lose for loving a man/ woman. What have you lost if he/ she disrespects your love? Nothing. He/ She has stuffed up, not you.

To be successful in a relationship with a man/ woman, you have to get rid of your insecurities (e.g. “Does he/ she find other men/ women attractive?”) and just trust her with your love.



Sadly not everyone can stand the down times and they choose to jump ship instead of braving the storm. But what to do to save your relationship, if you realize that saving your relationship might be possible, then leaving should never be a first option. Its Time to Fix your Linking loof and Save your broken relationship

1-The Talk / You feel they don’t give you enough attention.

Communication is a two way road, and for those of you who feel lost  whenever you have to talk to your partner about something personal, there’s more than one way to navigate on warmer waters.

Most men have a great fear when women “want to talk” but if you are thinking about how to better your relationship with your boyfriend/ Girlfriend, then this is a necessary first step.

Sit down and have the talk

If he/ she is willing to have a sit down so you can both go through what the problem might be, it is a positive look for both of you. This is the point where both voices can be heard or Contact Dr Masoud for help to save your relationship

Agree to disagree

Listen and try to understand his points in the same way you would like him to listen to you and try to see yours. You might not both agree but you can disagree in a civil manner and decide where to go from there.

2. You constantly fight about the same issues.

You’re probably heading for the same tantrums as you read this. Revisiting the same conflicts all over again a long way into your relationship can prove nerve wrecking and counterproductive, regardless the topic you’re fighting for. It can be dirty laundry, a clogged sink, EX partners phone calls, the way you two handle the living costs, that unfriendly grimase he makes when he’s bugged such useless small issue which turn up to be big causing fights. I have powerful spells that may help you sort out this kind of issues.

Fix my marriage

3. You don’t like their parents (or viceversa).

Well, sorry to hear, that’s a tough one. They didn’t choose their parents (and neither did you) – so if you’re not feeling any special kind of connection with your partner’s family, don’t take it out too much on yourself. but if only there are interfering , taking control of your relationship such as DECISION MAKING then Contact me to save your relationship


4. You feel insecure about your future together.

You’re planning to go big in your career or not supportive , while they want to take a sabbatical. Or: you want to have kids , while they’re still not ready,  fearing responsibilities . Or: you want to move to somewhere  different together, while they want to start a business and can’t afford both investments.

5. You feel they don’t give you enough attention.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much attention you are paying to YOURSELF. Your relationship is not there to substitute for the love you’re supposed to cast upon yourself each day. Remember that you are blessed and that you are important, strong, and authentic in everything you experience.

6. You don’t tolerate their vices.

Show me one person who’s happy with their partners’ drinking or drug habit and I’ll show you at least one toxic relationship. It’s one thing to be both smokers, for instance, and tolerate each other, and a complete different thing to love one, live with one and still be unable to see through all the smoke with clarity. Contact me if you have this kind of problem with your partner.


7. You feel you’re giving away too much Love (and getting back too little).

Hate to break this to you, but if you’ve been feeling like a broken bag of feelings splattered all across the kitchen floor for a while – you’re probably truly getting back too little, or, worst case scenario, you’re being emotionally abused.

8. Past Relationship / EX Girlfriends and Boyfriends

When you’re together with someone for a long time but your partner is not closing past chapter and start your present or there is ex destroying your relationship – I can help you solve your relationship problems

9. You don’t like their friends (or they don’t dig you).

There’s always going to be someone you don’t dig or who doesn’t dig you, and those people might turn out to be your partner’s buddies. There might be something small, but unbearable, such as the way they talk, brag, or gossip about others. There might be something big, like the way they look at you or the way they try to influence your partner into getting back with their ex. People have opinions, nonetheless, and it’s sometimes not your job to fix them contact me i have powerful spells designed to do that kind of work.

​© 2014 by doctor masoud

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