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Isilwane / Spiritual tokoloshi

What is Isilwane

Isilwane is a very strong supernatural creature and its existence is to cause trouble.

This is a mixture of very strong fat oils from animals, animals bones/ skins, roots/ imithi and sometimes spirits of the departed are mixed in here, This is than mixed together, raised and sent to a person of target to cause difficulties

Sometimes isilwane is real, live animal used for witchcraft/ protection. But when the owner passes away this animal/ spirit gets left behind without anyone taking care of it and causes family damage in children and live stock.

If ubelethiswe isilwane, sihlala kuwe and does all sort of things to you as casted by the witch/ your enemy/ competitor. You can get isilwane via sexual intercourse, or through food eating or in a dream. witches in now days are very advanced. they will find ways to send isilwane to you easily, in a seductive and tempting way

How to get rid of isilwane

You can get rid of isilwane. But this requires someone or an expect that can really chase it away , because trust me they do come back (Isilwane esikumuntu silahlwa entabeni,sivalwe ,sicushwe & Uqiniswe ngamafutha ezilwane ,Uyakwazi nokusiphindisela kumnikazi waso)

It is always important to put your home, family members, especially childrens under a protection spell. At home you need to make sure thay you have strong mixtures, or Spiritual water at your disposal at all times, and sprinkle around your yard /house to fight the evil spirits.

Signs of isilwane in people

Dreaming about having sex/Isilwane sleeps with you


Anxiety and feeling tired. Sleep paralysis- Temporary inability to move or to speak while dreaming or upon waking

Sleep paralysis – temporary inability to move or to speak while dreaming or upon waking

-Being disliked for no particular valid reason /Ukungathandeki ube nesidina

-Regular fights with your partner /friends

-Anger problems/Short temper

-Isilwane will make you hate your day job/Your life in general

-Your partner may find you less attractive

-Wet and loose private part of a woman

-Quick ejaculation in men

-Unexplained car accident while driving 

-Itchy skin/body parts



-Nightmares, especially in children’s

-Inability to remember dreams

-Tinstuff allergies and eczema/izinduna

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